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Love, Loyalty, and Resilience: Brett Bishov’s Recovery Journey

In an inspiring article from last April 25th, the Franchise Times featured Capital Insight Managing Director, Brett Bishov’s resilient cancer story.  In the article, Brett opened up about his fight against cancer and how his family , and especially his  wife Kate and his service dogs, first Lucy and now  Archie, became his pillars of strength.

Besides helping people achieve their business dreams, Brett has also been through tough times, including battling cancer twice and losing his ability to speak. His wife Kate has been by his side the whole way, and he got two  furry helpers, Lucy and now  Archie, the service dogs who have been a big part of his recovery.

Facing this new challenge, Brett perfectly captured his determined spirit: "I thought about the magnitude of what I went through, but there's no deliberating. I remember having that conversation with myself: 'I will heal.'" This quote exemplifies Brett's unwavering resilience in the face of adversity.


It's a story of courage, resilience, and the amazing bond between people and their pets.

Read the complete story:

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